Ways Kasoori Methi Makes Your Food Tastier

Fenugreek, or methi, is a common ingredient used in Indian cooking. Kasoori Methi is just fenugreek leaves that have been dried. Trigonella foenumgraecum is the scientific name for fenugreek, which belongs to the Fabaceae family.

The seeds are mostly used as a spicy ingredient called methi. Fenugreek seeds taste bitter and have an anise-like scent. 

Fenugreek leaves are also used to make veggies. Dried fenugreek leaves, on the other hand, may provide an aromatic flavor to any meal when used as a spice.

Do you know that fenugreek is said to have existed as far back as 4000 BC? It's also thought that the Romans used this excellent spice to flavor their wines in the first century AD.

These characteristics, however, aren't the only thing that makes this condiment so special. Kasoori methi also has therapeutic benefits that make it an excellent complement to your cuisine and life.

In this post, we'll show you seven various methods to use Kasoori Methi to make your cuisine taste better.

7 Ways of Using Kasoori Methi

Ways Kasoori Methi Makes Your Food Tastier

Kasoori Methi or dried fenugreek leaves can be used in a variety of ways. We'll only go through seven of them here. However, you are free to use it how you see fit.

1. Kasoori methi as a vegetable

As previously said, it may be used as a vegetable, but you will need fresh fenugreek leaves for this. Fenugreek may be simply grown at home and used fresh.

2. Kasoori methi as salad leaves or microgreens

Fenugreek baby leaves may be used as salad leaves or microgreens. It has a bittersweet, somewhat pungent flavor. It has the potential to improve the flavor of your salad.

Fenugreek microgreens may also be used to lend a distinct flavor to a fruit salad. Fenugreek leaves have a strong maple syrup aroma, which distinguishes them as a plant. The lovely aroma of Kasoori methi comes from a natural substance called Sotolon.

3. Kasoori methi as phoron or tadka

Kasoori Methi can be used to temper or flavor oils. It will impart a delicate flavor to your food.

4. Kasoori methi as an herb

Kasoori methi, also known as fenugreek leaves, is a kind of herb. As a result, it may be used as an herb in a variety of recipes.

5. Make Kasoori methi flatbread

The warm, rich flavor of kasoori methi will give your paratha a special touch once again. It's perfect for anyone who is tired of fresh methi's chewiness and leafiness. When it comes to keeping the smooth texture of your paratha, kasoori methi is unbeatable.

6. An important butter chicken ingredient

Kasoori methi is a key component of butter chicken. Kasoori methi is responsible for the well-known flavor and scent of butter chicken.

7. Hash Browns / Baby Potatoes

Have you ever tried preparing hash browns/baby potatoes with kasoori methi? This is one of the most inventive recipes because, instead of using fresh methi in the hash browns like we typically do in our kitchens, we're going to use the dried variety, which means more flavor and less chewiness.

You'll receive the full potato flavor without sacrificing any of the fenugreek flavors. You may serve them with tamarind and pudina chutney or sev puri and tomato chaat.

Benefits of Kasoori methi

Kasoori methi is a spice that is used in a variety of dishes. It may, however, be used for a variety of reasons due to its health advantages.

Antioxidant properties abound in Kasoori Methi. Antioxidants have been shown to combat free radicals, which are known to cause cancer. It can also help to improve immunity.

It aids in the digestion of food. Kasoori methi-based rotis or parathas can help to normalize gastrointestinal function.

Methi, often known as fenugreek, is well-known among diabetics for its anti-diabetic qualities. Consuming Kasoori methi on a regular basis might help you control your blood sugar levels.

Kasoori methi is a wonderful choice if you're on a diet and wish to lose weight. It has the ability to lower serum cholesterol levels.

If you suffer from digestive issues or ulcers, taking Kasoori methi on a daily basis might be quite beneficial. Simply season your food with a couple of tablespoons of Kasoori methi. You'll be able to enjoy all of those flavors while also benefiting from the health advantages.

The Bottom Line

These are the seven most effective uses for Kasoori methi. It's ideal for any meal because it has a slight pungency and a lovely scent. You may also use it to temper and flavor the oil with tadka or phoron. Kasoori methi also offers a number of health advantages, making it a versatile spice.

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