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Curry Leaves
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Ridge Gourd / TuriyaRidge Gourd / Turiya
Dudhi / Bottle GourdDudhi / Bottle Gourd
Limca Cans
MTR Badam Drink Mix Buy 1 Get 1 Free
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Parachute Coconut Oil Buy 1 Get 1
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Banginapalli Mangoes
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East End Luxury Fruit & Nut Mix
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EVEREST Chicken Masala
Britannia Wheat Rusk
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Welcome to TajSpices !

TajSpices is your one stop shop for Asian groceries and quality ingredients you can trust. We are based in the UK,  Specializing in the distribution of everyday goods, we leverage our connection of international distributors to deliver you an authentic experience. We source from the most premium and vetted vendors in the UK.

TajSpices aims to provide quality ethnic food products with timely delivery and the convenience of ordering online.

We strategically target vendors with warehouses in close proximity to ensure product freshness.

We will be delivering you the finest ingredients from Asia and bringing it to your kitchen. You’ll be able to find all your rice, blends and seasonings, along with ready to eat meals, lentils and more. We strive to bring you the convenience of accessing your international grocery needs only a click away.

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