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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pan masala Mukhwas?

Pan Masala Mukhwas is a popular snack in India that is typically consumed after a meal. Dried dates, Gulkund, Fennel seeds, Cardamom, and Betel leaves are excellent ingredients for a revitalizing snack that eliminates foul breath after a spicy meal.

What is Flavoured pan masala?

Areca nut, slaked lime, catechu, and other flavouring compounds make up Pan masala (PM). It is readily available and utilized by people from all walks of life in India.

How harmful is pan masala?

Pan masala has been linked to lung, stomach, liver, testes, and skin tumors in animals. It harms the liver and disrupts fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It harms the kidneys, the testes, and even produces sperm abnormalities.

Why is pan masala addictive?

The caustic burning effect of the phenol in the betel nut kills the mucosa, resulting in oral ulcers. Tannins in the betel nut function as astringents, precipitating protein and causing mucosal damage. This chemical is known to be physically addictive in its entirety.

Does pan masala increase blood pressure?

The consumption of pan masala produces an immediate increase in pulse and blood pressure.

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