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Haldiram's Kaju Katli Sweet / Diamond Sweet
Haldiram Gulab Jamun
Haldiram Soan Papdi Red
Haldiram Rasgulla
Haldiram Rasmalai
Haldiram Soan Papdi Red
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Haldiram's Kaju Roll Sweet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Haldiram Sweets?

The Haldiram's brand in India, which is run by members of the Agarwal family from Delhi and Nagpur, produced close to 5,000 crore in income last year. Ganga Bhishen Agarwal, affectionately known as "Haldiram" by friends and relatives because of his pale, milk-and-turmeric skin, is credited with starting the tradition.

What is famous Haldiram?

Traditional namkeens, western snacks, Indian sweets, pastries, sherbets, and pickles like gulab jammun and Bikaneri bhujia and papadum are among the company ’s products and services. The company also manufactures ready-to-eat food.

Is Haldiram and Bikanerwala same?

Despite disagreements and breakups, the company began with a small shop in Bikaner in 1937 and has persevered and grown. While Haldiram is the most well-known brand, the community also owns the labels Bikanervala, Bhikharam Chandamal, Bikaji, and Bikano.

Which one is better Haldiram or Bikanervala?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food and taste, but if you ask me, I have always thought Bikanervala to be a superior alternative than the nearest competitor, Haldiram's. Although Bikanervala's menu has fewer alternatives, the overall quality of the meal is good.

Is Haldiram vegetarian?

Yes. Pure Ingredients and Vegetarian

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