Beef Steak Recipe with Mustard Oil

For a substantial supper, a mustard beef steak is ideal. Even the most discerning meat lover will quickly lose heart and stomach to juicy, tender beef with a delicious mustard scent.


  • Cooking time: 30 mins
  • Number of servings: 1
  • Beef tenderloin – 300 grams
  • Butter – 10 grams
  • Granular mustard – 1 teaspoon
  • Coarse sea salt – to taste
  • Black pepper (freshly ground) – to taste
  • Vegetable oil – to taste


Remove the films from the beef tenderloin. Cut a chunk from a thick edge that weighs around 300 g. Place it vertically and give the steak an oval form by pressing your palms on the meat fibers.

Garnish the meat with lots of oil and season it with coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

We next move the meat to a dry grill pan that has been well heated. Cook the beef steak for three minutes on each side over a heat that is just above medium.

The steak is then placed in the oven, which has been prepared to 210 degrees. Your particular preferences will determine the oven's temperature and how long it takes to cook the steak. 

After baking, wrap the steak in foil and let it to "reach" for three to five minutes. Combine butter and grainy mustard, put it in a heart-shaped mold, and put it in the freezer while the steak is cooking. Of course, you may put this butter on the steak in any manner as its purpose is to spread on the meat and enhance its flavor.

Your beef steak is ready. Have a nice supper!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does putting mustard on a steak do?

First of all, it will make it easier for the seasoning to stick to the meat uniformly and stay on during smoking. Second, the mustard contributes to the development of a delicious and smokey "bark" of taste on the exterior of your meat.

What is the best way to cook beef steak?

It is usually seared on one side and then cooked for a similar period of time on the other. Even while this produces wonderful results, the second side is never as beautifully caramelized as the first. Cook the steak for the entire amount of time recommended in the recipe, but turn it every minute so that both sides get an equal crust.

What oil is best for steak?

Vegetable, canola, and peanut oils are the top three for grilling steak. All three of these oils have a neutral flavor, are easily accessible, and won't burn at higher temperatures. This implies that the flavor of your steak won't be harmed if you use these oils on a very hot grill.

Is mustard a natural tenderizer?

Prime grade beef is unlikely to be found at a supermarket, so if you desire a rich-tasting, tender steak, spend more money at a butcher shop. Alternatively, you may flavor and tenderize a steak by marinating it for a few hours. For a supermarket steak, mustard, garlic, oil, and vinegar work miracles.

What Is A Salmon Steak?

I like to use fillets when baking salmon since they cook quickly and simply, like in my recipe for baked salmon with garlic and herbs. Salmon steaks, though, are the best to grill when I'm in the mood for it.

This is due to the salmon being cut perpendicular to the spine, wherein the thickness, bone structure, and skin all work to keep the salmon together as it cooks (aka no meat falling between the grates).

A salmon steak can retain more taste than a boneless version, just like any other bone-in meat. The only drawback is that you have to look out for the small pin bones when eating (you can have your fishmonger remove these). If you haven't already, try salmon steaks, especially this ridiculously delicious one.

Should you cook steak with butter or oil

Cooking oil must be used to sear the steak, not butter. Butter Ghee burns readily and fast, becoming black and imparting an unpleasant flavor to the meat. Cooking oil maintains its consistency at high temperatures, especially the types having a high smoke point.

Is mustard good for marinating meat

Yes. It gives the meat a pleasant tanginess and tenderizes the proteins, which is fantastic for harder pieces.

How long should I cook steak on stove

Depending on your steak's thickness: Two to three minutes per side over medium-high heat for a rare to medium-rare steak. Three to four minutes each side for medium-rare to medium steak. Five to six minutes per side for medium to well-done.

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