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The first Indian curry shop in London was opened more than 200 years ago. Since then, Brits have developed an appetite for Indian cuisine. Studies show that Indian foods are one of the most popular cuisines in the UK, and Indian restaurants are the fastest-growing fast-food establishments in the country. The Indian dish, Chicken tikka masala, is now considered a national dish of the United Kingdom. Indian fish fry and chips are also very popular in the nation.  

Overall, it is fair to conclude that Indian foods are very popular in the UK. You can perform a quick YouTube search to learn how to cook different types of Indian dishes. In this age of digitalisation, learning recipes have been easier for all. But the problem is, where you will find Indian spices in the UK to cook delicious Indian foods? Thankfully TajSpices has brought a solution for it. 

We are a leading online Indian grocery store in the UK, offering a full range of Asian spices to customers across the country. You can also buy Indian spices online in Scotland from our store. In this post, we will talk about some of the essential spices for Indian cooking that are available on our online store. 

  1. Cloves

It is one of the most common Indian spices, which is technically a flower. The strong (almost medicinal) flavour of clove comes from the concentration of essential oils. You can use cloves as a whole or blend them into spice mixes.

  1. Turmeric 

It is another common Indian spice that can be used fresh like ginger or dried like cinnamon or nutmeg. However, fresh turmeric is stronger than dried turmeric. You have to be very careful while cooking with turmeric because it stains very easily. This highly used Indian spice also offers plenty of health benefits.

  1. Cumin

It is often used in Indian dishes to add a smoky characteristic to them. You can quickly identify this spice by its intense fragrance and ridged brown seeds. Buy high-quality cumin from brands like East End, TRS from our online store. 

  1. Cardamom

Two types of cardamom are used in Indian cooking - green and black. Green cardamom is the most commonly used cardamom in Indian dishes. The light flavour and sweet taste of green cardamom make it perfect for several types of dishes, including Indian desserts. However, black cardamom is completely different from green cardamom. It is powerful and smoky, and therefore they are often used in spicy dishes.

  1. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are available in different colours like yellow, black, brown, etc. You can only experience the strong flavour of mustard seeds when they are cooked in oil or crushed. Mustard oil is a common ingredient of North Indian cooking, but South Indians hardly use it.  

These are the top five essential spices often required in Indian cooking. You can buy these Indian spices online in Livingston or other cities from our online store. We request you to visit our product pages and explore our full range of spices and foodstuffs. 

Indian spices online livingston

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