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The use of certain spices and herbs makes Indian cuisine unique and special. The country was the largest exporter of spices in the global market and also used to be the spice capital of the world. Do you know that many western countries came to India in the first place to trade spice? There are plenty of other facts that you still don't know about Indian spices. In this post, we will reveal them all. 

#1 India still produces 70% of the global spices. The majority of people across the globe have some sort of Indian spices in their home.

#2 One of the most popular Indian spices, black pepper, was precious in the 4th century BC. At that time, Greeks used to call it black gold. You can still buy Indian spices like black pepper in the UK from the online store of TajSpices. We offer high-quality black pepper to customers from premium brands like TRS, East End, etc. 

#3 Studies show that red peppers are rich in vitamin C. In fact, it contains a higher amount of vitamin C than lemon. So, people suffering from vitamin C deficiency can consider adding red peppers to their diet. It is also rich in antioxidants.

#4 It has been 5000 years since India is producing salt. At the period of Spice Route, Roman soldiers were paid in salt. It gave birth to the term 'salary'. The world-famous phrase 'worth his salt' had also derived from this context.

#5 Many historians believe that Portugal was the first European country to discover India. Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama reached India in 1492 and started to import spices to Portugal. 

#6 The renowned Indian spice turmeric is used in most Indian dishes except steamed rice. Many ayurvedic experts believe that turmeric can also cure Alzheimer's disease.

#7 Asafoetida or Hing is a highly popular Indian spice that mainly grows in Kashmir and Punjab. Hing belongs to the parsley family and known for its anti-flatulence properties. This is a common ingredient for paratha and kachori.

#8 Cardamom is another popular Indian spice widely used in Indian cuisine, let it be chai or biryani. The sweet smell of cardamom adds a unique flavour to dishes. This spice can also be used in mulled wine and cocktails. 

#9 After becoming an independent country in 18 Century, American citizens started to deal with Indian farmers directly to bring spices to the west. 

#10 Bengali cuisine can't be completed without Nigella seeds. The medicinal properties of this item make it an essential ingredient of curries and dal.

#11 Kashmir produces the highest amount of saffron every year, and it is the most expensive Indian spice. The honey-like aroma of saffron makes Indian desserts delicious. It is also used in biryani. You can define the purity of saffron by the depth of its colour.

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Buy herbs spices online

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