The 5 Most Essential Herbs & Spices Used in Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is widely known, loved, and appreciated all over the world for its rich aromatic flavors and vibrant hues that are integral to each and every unique recipe that the cuisine includes. Do you know what makes Asian cuisine so delectable? Well, the entire credit goes to the ingredients that are used to cook the dishes. Asian cuisine is rich in flavor because of the spices, herbs, and seasonings used to prepare the foods. If you too want to cook Asian delicacies at home for your loved ones, you can buy Asian grocery online from the e-store of TajSpices, which is a highly popular online grocery store in the UK offering Asian spices, herbs, and foodstuffs.

5 Rich Spices and Herbs that are Integral to Asian Cuisine

  • Chili (red and green)

Asian food is known for its hot and spicy taste, which mainly comes from the generous usage of chilies in almost every dish. Both red and green chilies are widely available in Asian countries and are used in all kinds of dishes to make them spicier.

  • Ginger

This is another essential herb widely used in Indian and Asian cooking. From fish and meat curries to vegetables, soups, pickles, etc., in various recipes, ginger is added. It is available in root and powdered forms and used even in some sweet dishes.

  • Turmeric

Whether you are cooking Indian Dal or Malaysian Rendang or Massaman Curry, adding a pinch of turmeric is a must. This spice with high medicinal values is not only used to add a bright tint to the dishes but also, has a unique subtle taste of its own. It removes germs and adds distinctive color to the dishes making them more attractive. You can buy the best variety of turmeric from the online Indian grocery store near me.

  • Cinnamon

This richly flavored spice is used in both sweet and savory Asian recipes. There are many varieties of cinnamon available like Ceylon cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, etc.

  • Cumin

This authentic Asian spice is known for its distinctive fragrance and flavor. The black cumin variety offers a more complex flavor when added to the dishes. This spice is integral to Indian and Middle Eastern recipes and can be used in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes in the right proportions.

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