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India has a diverse culture and is famous for its food. Almost every food is associated with different places and has a story to tell. There is something unique and different about Indian food. It doesn't matter whether you are living in Livingston or Scotland, every other person craves Indian food at some point of time. Everybody loves tucking into a tasty takeaway, or creamy curries are a family favorite, Indian food is one of the famous foods in the UK. But since you don't have much idea about spices, you're planning to order food from an Indian restaurant. But isn't it a good idea to cook some delicious food in your own kitchen? TajSpices lets you buy Indian spices at an affordable rate.

All about Indian Spices

If you are living in Scotland or Livingston or in any part of the UK, the availability of Indian spices online in Livingston at Taj Spices makes grocery shopping easy for you. Since most of the British people don't have any idea about using the right ingredient or how much to use, let us take a sneak peek at some of the most commonly used ingredients in any Indian food-

*Turmeric (Haldi)- Just a teaspoon or two turmeric is added as a powder to a curry sauce after the wet ingredients have been added. More than flavor, it's real contribution is its health benefits and color. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps in healing several diseases.

*Cumin (Jeera)- Cumin is used in almost every Indian dish. It is generally used whole and fried in oil or butter at the beginning of a dish ( process called taarka). In less than 15 seconds, it will turn brown quickly. When it pops, you know it's done.

*Green cardamom (choti elaichi)- Cardamom is one of the key ingredients in Indian cuisine, particularly in Biryani. It is basically used for taarka, one of those fried in hot oil at the beginning of cooking an Indian dish. Usually between two to six whole cardamom pods are what you will find in an Indian recipe.

*Coriander- Coriander is the seed of cilantro. It has an aroma like citrus mixed with some leafy, woody notes. Grind the seeds to add as a powder or ready-made cumin powder is easily available in TajSpices.

*Garam masala- It is a combination of spices including cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, bay leaf, pepper, and cumin. A pinch of garam masala is added as a finishing, to a rich and exotic Indian delicacy.

Indian food is a mixture of several centuries-old culinary traditions,  globally. Pulling these traditions to produce beautiful cooking is an almost spiritual act. Get your hands on the best Indian spices online in Scotland, available online at TajSpices. Now you may have an idea about certain ingredients, it's time to sharpen your cooking skill and make some amazing and tasty dishes, without anybody's help. 

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Indian spices online in scotland

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