How Turmeric is used in Ancient Ayurveda and its Benefits.

Turmeric has been used for several health and beauty benefits from ancient times. This golden spice is a popular herbal medicine in Ayurveda to cure various ailments naturally. According to Ayurveda turmeric is that effective herb, potential enough in balancing the three doshas of body. From strengthening your body from inside to making it beautiful glowing from outside, it has a number of benefits.. Though benefits of turmeric are unlimited, here in this article we tried to gather some major benefits of turmeric:

Turmeric for Healthy life

Treats Cold, cough and Flu

Ayurveda prescribes turmeric to treat various infections, cold, cough and flu can be cured by turmeric as it has anti – inflammatory qualities to clean respiratory tract. Turmeric reduce the symptoms of cold and flu by fighting many viruses because of the presence of curcumin substance. Boil a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of water and add half teaspoon of black pepper to it. Let it boil for 15 minutes and now add honey to taste. Drink this turmeric tea three times a day to reduce inflammation from your body.

Turmeric Milk to boosts immunity

Drink turmeric milk daily, if you wish to boost your immunity level. Consumption of turmeric this way can fight many infections and health issues more easily. Golden milk is popular from ancient times to treat multiple heath problems. Boil half a tablespoon of turmeric powder in one cup of milk. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Add sugar to your taste. Drink this milk bedtime daily to get strong immune system.

Turmeric for joint pain and swelling

Turmeric is very good for people suffering from arthritis. Its antioxidant properties reduce joint pain, stiffness related to arthritis. Turmeric paste is also applied to the skin for reducing pain and swelling in joint.

Relieves Chest Congestion

Turmeric is full of active compounds that can relieve the chest congestion if used properly. Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder in hot powder and gargle thrice a day. This will kill bacteria and help to get rid of chest infection. Honey and turmeric is also very good at reducing mucus from your chest. Antibacterial properties of turmeric reduce irritation and help to clear chest infection.

Beauty with Turmeric

Turmeric can add glow and luster to your looks when applied topically. It has been used since long time to treat various skin problems and to get beautiful skin as well. This spice has many beauty benefits that you can take advantage of to get beautiful and glowing skin. Here are some DIY turmeric masks that you can easily make at home:

Reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone

Turmeric contains antioxidant curcumin which helps in reducing pigmentation. To lighten pigmentation from yourface apply turmeric face masks daily on your face. Turmeric powder mixed with honey and few drops of lemon is very effective in treating stubborn pigmentation marks. You have to apply this mask for 2 to3 weeks to see visible results.

Reduce acne and acne scars

For those who have oily skin turmeric is very helpful. It helps in treating skin infections and lighten pimple marks. You can apply turmeric ubtan daily to get rid of oily skin. Add a pinch of turmeric powder in one tablespoon of gram flour. Make a paste with water and wash your face daily. You will feel less oily skin and faden acne marks in some days. Homemade turmeric masks are also great in healing wounds and cleaning skin infections.

Brightening skin and adding glow

Turmeric can also glow to dull and dry skin. If you want to get natural glow to your face, apply turmeric and milk daily. This will bring a natural glow to your skin. Mix a teaspoon of milk and ¼  teaspoon turmeric powder. Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes to get bright and glowing skin. Face pack made of honey, turmeric powder and milk is also an excellent remedy for dry and dull skin.

Turmeric for dry patches

Turmeric has antifungal properties and when added with coconut oil it makes a natural treatment for dry patches on skin. This paste will also reduce redness and inflammation from skin when followed regularly. Massage it well on area where you have dry patches and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes.

Get young and bright skin

Turmeric face mask are very effective in making you look youthful by giving flawless skin. Turmeric face wash and face mask can be easily prepared at home to get clear and clean skin. They can also be stored for long time benefits. This miracle powder slows down cell damage making it good at maintain healthy skin. You can get smoother and brighter skin if you apply turmeric mask for few weeks.

If you feel your skin is looking pale after rinsing any turmeric masks, do not panic. Sometimes turmeric powder leaves yellow color on skin. You have to just clean your skin with milk. Take a cotton ball dipped in milk and clean your facial skin. Wash off your face and you will get clear and bright skin. It is recommended not to use any soap or face wash after any face mask.

Turmeric is powerful enough to treat a number of health and beauty issues. It may be new for many but it is an old tested remedy since from Ayurveda since ancient times.

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