5 Health Benefits of Indian Spices

Does your child have indigestion? Do you get nausea while traveling in a vehicle? Consumption of a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder mixed in thin buttermilk can alleviate the discomfort of indigestion and cloves can relieve you from vomiting. If it surprises you, I must say you should try it because popular Indian spices have so many medicinal properties that can surprise you even more! 

The traditional Indian diet is highly nutritious, and this is for the diversity and variety of spices. A few names of those spices that we use in our day-to-day cooking are like cumin, black pepper, turmeric, coriander seeds, etc. The list is too long to fit in here. 

If you can consume spices in moderation you can derive wonderful health benefits. However, an overdose of any spice can be counterproductive. So, proportionate consumption is the trick to derive health benefits out of those spices. 

Let’s list out 5 Indian spices that are healthy and help you lead a healthy and balanced life by avoiding ailments and lifestyle diseases. You can make them part of your diet too, as early as possible. 

#1. Cinnamon to Lower Blood Sugar

This spice has a refreshing taste and is aromatic. You can add cinnamon to your food items and that will add spark to any bland dish. While it’s good at enhancing food taste, it is also diabetes-friendly. Cinnamon will help reduce symptoms of insulin resistance condition. Cinnamon can also give one relief from indigestion, common cold, diarrhea, poor blood circulation and tension during menstruation. 

#2. Turmeric to Fight Inflammation

Turmeric has a bright yellow hue. It’s typically used for skin ailments like inflammation, infected wounds, and ringworm, besides being highly effective in the treatment of arthritis, heartburn, and stomach infections like diarrhoea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating and loss of appetite. Turmeric has a reputation for curing symptoms of cough and cold if one can drink a warm glass of milk mixed with turmeric. Its medicinal value for having anti-carcinogenic properties is world-wide. 

#3. Saffron to Treat Depression

Kashmir is synonymous with saffron. It’s used to add colour and spice to dessert, etc. Though saffron is expensive, its health benefits are many and priceless. Saffron has powerful property to treat depression, prevent loss of vision, and improve memory. Popular for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-depressant properties. 

#4: Black Pepper to Help in Digestion

A dash of black pepper can create an explosion of flavours to a bland dish, but make sure to consume this fiery spice in moderation. Black pepper is known for increasing the production of hydrochloric acid that the stomach needs to help in digestion. It’s helpful for digestive problems, flatulence and constipation, besides reducing blood pressure, etc. 

#5: Nutmeg to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Nutmeg is like cloves and has antibacterial properties. Nutmeg can fight Alzheimer’s and improve your memory, help fight tooth decay, and reduce flatulence and improve appetite. Those who look for a way to release tension in their muscles may try nutmeg. 

Spices for Healthy Living

Spices add flavours to foods, increase taste, and make meals delicious and interesting. At the same time, spices offer so many health benefits, from battling infections and bacteria to boosting the immune system, when they are consumed properly. 

To ensure it, you have to choose the real thing. 

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