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It is very important to eat foods that are rich in nutrient content to ensure that you have an ideal body mass index (BMI) score. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the goodness of different food ingredients so as to make the ideal food choices as per specific health requirements.  Legumes and pulses are known to having immense health benefits as they are very rich in protein and nutrient content. And so, you must always try to include them in your daily diet. You can purchase different types of legumes and pulses online from the popular Indian supermarket in the UK – TajSpices.

In this blog, we will discuss the nutrient content and health benefits of 6 common legumes and pulses. Legume belongs to the Fabaceae or Leguminosae family of flowering plants that consists of more than 20000 species. In general, legumes are the plants from the Fabaceae family, and pulses (lentils, peas, and beans) are the edible seeds from the legume plant. 

The best part is that legumes are very easily available almost everywhere and they are inexpensive, and hence can be consumed easily. You can buy them from the Indian supermarket near me in the UK – TajSpices. They are a very rich source of proteins, vitamins, fiber (both soluble and insoluble), folate, iron, phosphorus, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Legumes help in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, digestion problems, obesity, and more.

Here, We are Listing 6 Commonly Found Legumes And Pulses That You Should Consume for Their Health Benefits


  • Lentils – They are high in vegetarian protein and can be added to stews and soups. Lentils are also a rich source of fiber, copper, calories, manganese, folate (vitamin B9), and thiamine (vitamin B1).
  • Soybeans – Soybeans are rich in nutrient content and can be cooked as highly delicious dishes. Tofu is another form of soybean consumed in Asia. They are rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2), iron, fiber, manganese, folate, and calories. 
  • Chickpeas - Also known as garbanzo beans, they have high protein and fiber content. They help in controlling obesity, heart diseases, and minimizes the risk of cancer. Chickpeas also contain folate (vitamin B9), manganese, copper, iron, and calories. 
  • Peas – This legume has numerous variants and all are rich in protein, calories, vitamin K, thiamine (vitamin B1), folate, manganese, and fiber.
  • Kidney Beans – A commonly consumed legume, kidney beans pair with rice very well. Having immense health benefits, they are rich in protein, fiber, copper, iron, manganese, folate, thiamine (vitamin B1), and calories.
  • Peanuts – They are legumes rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, vitamin B, and protein.

You can buy all these legumes and pulses from the Indian supermarket online – TajSpices, and add these nutrient-rich ingredients generously to cook delicious and healthy meals.

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