Madras Curry Powder: A Secret To Unlock The World Of Smacking Delicacies

Madras curry powder was named in the name of Madras, a southern metropolitan city in India of a great ancient culture & tradition. Madras is now Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The history of Madras curry powder dates back to its colonial times. Madras curry powder is spicier and considerably hotter than the standard curry powder of the west. The curry powder is a blend of Turmeric and other spices. The powder contains Fenugreek and Cumin alongside Turmeric. Turmeric provides the curry powder with intense yellow color. However, Madras curry powder is much more powerful than other types of curry powder as the Madras curry powder is blended in mild, medium, and hot strength. The extra spicy flavor of Madras curry powder comes from cayenne pepper. Consider this blog worth reading if you want to know all vital aspects of Madras curry powder and want to make your dishes more spicy. 

What Is The Flavor Profile Of Madras Curry Powder?

Before you make your decision to buy Madras curry powder, it might be interesting for you to know the unique composition and flavor profile of Madras curry powder. The Madras curry powder is blended in a way that it hits our tastebuds with extra tanginess. At the same time, the powder has an earthy flavor in its profile. Some blends of Madras curry are hotter than the others. Some of the Madras curry powder has a citrus flavor to tickle our taste buds more intensely. 

What Are The Ingredients?

Madras curry is made out of a range of ingredients renowned for their nutritional values and benefits. The composition of this curry powder includes Turmeric, red chili pepper, FenuGreek, and sometimes cayenne pepper that can provide your health with nutrients like:

  • Minerals: Turmeric, Fenugreek, and cumin are rich in iron. Moreover, other ingredients of Madras curry powder can give you Calcium, Potassium, and other mineral substances.

  • Fiber: The Madras curry powder also contains coriander, which is rich in fiber.

  • Vitamins: Turmeric, Pepper, and other ingredients of Madras curry powder are an important source of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

  • What Are The Health Benefits?

    The specially blended ingredients in the Madras curry powder are a crucial source of Vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it has benefits in preventing and controlling various health conditions such as:

    • Diabetes: Various scientific and medical researches have revealed that Turmeric can help diabetic patients by improving their insulin sensitivity and preventing blood sugar.

    • Reduce Cholesterol: The fiber in the Madras curry powder help patients to control the level of cholesterol by absorbing it from the blood. Therefore it is beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels

    • Detoxification: The Madras curry powder contains Coriander which is beneficial for removing toxic substances from our body such as lead and mercury.

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